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Our Journey

How it all began....

Having lots of family members with varying degrees of eczema, I have become familiar with seeing the uncomfortable itching / scratching cycle of poor conditioned skin.

Reading ingredients on labels of everyday products became an unconscious ritual when my daughter was born in 2003 and was covered in patches of raw sore eczema! She was behind my motivation and passionate drive to start using natural skincare products, which I knew would be free from harsh chemicals and unnecessary synthetic ingredients!
The more I researched the ingredients in everyday products - the more determined I became to find more gentle and kinder products that could be used by everybody in the household (even the dog!) I began making soap in my kitchen (as a hobby at first) but was soon overwhelmed by the amount of soap that had taken over the whole house and started giving it away for family and friends to try for me.

As they wanted more & more to try.....a little business was born in 2006.

People enjoyed using my handmade soap and liked my ethos behind it. I then looked into the regulations of selling handmade soap, started attending small craft events and began a love affair with creating new recipes using natural ingredients.

So now, a few years on, my daughters eczema is under control, I had to move house for fear being crushed by mountains of soap, I now make other lovely skincare goodies (creams, bath treats, oils, salts,etc), attend large craft events all over the country.

I still have a real passion for making beautiful, natural, luxurious and nourishing skincare products.

We have now been on our journey for over 10 years.....and I still love making soap!

I hope you feel a difference in your skin and begin a journey of using natural, handmade & quality products!

                                                                                            Keilly x